Christmas Dinner 2017 and the Coming Year.

snapp dinner 2017

On December 13, 2017 SNAPP held it’s annual Christmas Dinner Party.  We had an excellent turnout to the dinner.  Great conversation was enjoyed, a few fun-filled games were played, and great food was savored.  We also had a gift exchange where everyone was delighted with the gift they received.

Officers were voted in at the dinner.  Officers of 2017 will continue in their respective rolls throughout the year of 2018.

We had our ups and downs in 2017, but with everything, we live and we learn.  2018 is looking to be a bright and wonderful year for SNAPP.  Upcoming events are on SNAPP’s website.  Click here to see upcoming events. The events page will be updated as we progress through the year.  If you would like an event added to SNAPP’s event page, feel free to email me at or email me if you see any adjustments or changes needing made to an existing event.

Going forward into 2018 I will need the assistance of some volunteers.  Blog proof readers, persons to give programs, and lists of prospects whom SNAPP can reach out to are among a few things I need help with.  Some individuals have already voiced their willingness to help and I thank them dearly.

The first program in 2018 I am hoping to have a program along the lines of “back to the basics” or “fundamentals of photography” or “Camera basics”.  It’ll be a program geared towards the beginner photographer.  This is a prime program to get the novice photographer into SNAPP.  The program after will be something along the lines of “looking for light” or “one flash photography”.  The following programs through the year will build up from there and then I am hoping to end the education year with a “how to” with getting licensed, tax id’s, insured, etc.


It was great getting to sit down and socialize with SNAPP members and non-members at this years Christmas Dinner.  We kept those whom could not make it in our thoughts and hope they can make it for the 2018 Christmas Dinner Party.


I’m looking forward to seeing and working with you all throughout the 2018 year.



President, Southwest New York Association of Professional Photographers

Owner of Warren Picture Place